Music Education Outreach
Wakefield Elementary School, Sherman, Texas
November 13th 2008

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Article by: Kenneth Brown

On November 13th, the chapter's Music Education Outreach program was presented at the Wakefield Elementary School in Sherman, TX. The program was originally to be presented to Lucinda Laro's music class of about 30 pupils. It was actually presented to the entire student body of 350 students and teachers in the school gym. The principal, Tammy Hutchins, made the welcoming introductions.

Mike Tarzis, our organist, handled it with his usual aplomb and thoroughly entertained the students (and teachers) with music and comments that they would recognize, including the theme from a movie about one big hungry fish. He also demonstrated several facets and capabilities of the theatre organ. Afterwards, many students came up to the console to get a chance to touch and play the organ. They showed lots of interest. Mission accomplished! This program also demonstrated the organ's strong points, and, points to be improved.

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Mike Tarzis at the Traveling Organ console
(Photo by: Don Peterson)
NTC Member Mike Tarzis Explains the Organ's Features
(Photo by: Kenneth Brown)
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