The Chapter's Traveling Organ

Traveling Organ Console

In early 2007 it was determined that the NTC needed a VTPO to travel to schools and special events for educational purposes. While searching for a suitable instrument, Robert Flinn of Colorado City, CO offered to donate an unfinished three manual Devtronix organ to the cause. Two chapter members drove to Colorado, loaded it into a covered trailer and brought it back to North Texas. On examination, it was determined that the Devtronix stop list and tone generators would not be satisfactory for our educational needs.

Organist Danny Wesley Ray was tasked with developing a stop list for the organ with the restriction of 98 total stop tabs and 10 toe pistons. He came up with a delightful 3/12 instrument that met this criteria. The Artisan Micro-Midi Control System was then selected to control the instrument with all of the sampled voices supplied by Artisan, running on a Mini-Mac Sound Engine. The organ operates on four audio channels, two each in the Main and the Solo with a total of 180 watts of amplifiers. A number of artists have contributed to the tonal finishing that is possible with this system.

After a year of work by several chapter members and organists, the instrument was finally declared ready and was put into service.


Main (left) Chamber Solo (right) Chamber
Diaphonic Diapason16'-4'85 notes
Bourdon/Concert Flute16'-2'97 notes
Clarinet8'61 notes
Viol d' Orchestre8'-2'85 notes
Viol Celeste8'-4'73 pipes
Piano16'-4'85 notes
Chrysoglott 49 notes
Post Horn16'-8'73 notes
Trumpet [Style D]16'-8'73 Notes
Tibia Clausa16'-2'97 notes
Orchestral Oboe8'61 notes
Krumet8'61 notes
Salicional8'-4'73 notes
Marimba Harp 49 notes
Xylophone 37 notes
Glockenspiel 37 notes
Cathedral Chimes 25 notes
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